Stragetic planning

As a leader in both sales & operations, I'm skilled in developing a strategy that meets your company's goals.

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International Speaker

Entertaining, charismatic speaker in sales, operations, WiFi monetization and helping your teams play big.

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Sales Team Success

Do you have good people and products but your team isn't making their goals? My successful sales strategies will get you back on top and leading the pack!

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Today's Business Challenges

Reaching your target audience today may seem more difficult than ever. In reality, however, it's easier than ever, when you use data and technology wisely.

Operationally, it can seem like a daunting task to rally the troops. But, focusing on your end game, and where you want to be, will help you get there.

Sometimes, you may need to change things up. For example, did you know that many successful companies have combined their IT and Marketing Departments under the leadership of a CMO?

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